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Why Thought Leadership Matters

why thought leadership matters

As the global population increasingly becomes more connected and social platforms continually grow, there is more content being published than ever in history. It’s also never been easier or more affordable to produce content consistently and in large volumes. Even though this is the case, it’s the very reason why thought leadership matters more than ever before.

The Democratization of Content

This democratization of content publishing comes with a price. With so much information available, there is now a low ratio of signal to noise. 

That’s why the movers and shakers in every industry are embracing the concept of thought leadership. In a world with excessive digital noise, the best way to stand out is to clearly and creatively express your unique ideas.

4 Reasons Why Thought Leadership Matters

Thought leadership content is a trusted source of information that often drives change in the world. It’s just what it sounds like: combine new ideas or questions with inspiring revelations on a topic where you hold great expertise.

Here’s why that matters — and what it can do for your brand.

Thought Leadership Boosts Your Credibility

These days, anyone can claim to have the necessary credentials to provide a service. In the age of (mis)information, many people exaggerate or misrepresent their experiences. The Internet has enabled a glut of self-promotional material with little substance — and that makes it harder for true professionals to stand out in the crowd.

That’s why publishing thought leadership content is crucial to your personal brand. Anyone can say that they’re an innovator or expert, but it’s much more credible when you can “walk the talk.”

Whether you’re eager to attract recruiters, pitch to prospective clients, or find collaborators, credibility is key. By publishing unique, valuable content that expresses your expertise, you show that you can do more than talk yourself up. 

Thought Leadership Establishes Your Authority

With so many topics and channels in the digital world, it’s all too easy to seem like a jack of all trades, a master of none. Thought leadership content unequivocally demonstrates your expertise on a topic. 

In other words, this is not just another blog for SEO (although thought leadership pieces are great for SEO!). When you create from your position as a thought leader, you introduce new and valuable ideas to the digital marketplace. While anyone can throw together an article or video, people can detect true expertise — and they’re eager to consume authoritative content. 

To show that you are more than a bundle of skills, choose your niche (i.e. your personal brand authority), then prove that you’re an expert with robust thought leadership content.

Elevate Your Brand Reputation

If you’re operating under solely a personal brand, such as a writer or speaker, thought leadership content is vital to your brand authority. However, if you’re seeking collaborators, investors, or clients for your enterprise, your personal brand can dovetail with your company brand. Today’s consumers take note of how CEOs and founders behave online. By publishing thought leadership content, you can indirectly boost your business’s reputation as well.

For excellent examples of this benefit, look at Neil Patel, Ariana Huffington, and Dan Price, whose helpful and authoritative articles and posts have enhanced their respective businesses’ credibility.

Empower a Better Future

While thought leadership certainly has some brand-boosting benefits, its true potential is much grander. By sparking conversation and sharing expertise about a valuable topic, thought leaders shape the future of their industry. They are not merely regurgitating trending topics or adding to the noise. 

You don’t need a large or provocative topic to become a thought leader. Whatever your area of authority, the right combination of passion and innovation can make you someone worth listening to. And once you’ve started consistently publishing thought leadership content, you’re in an excellent position to ignite lasting change.

Do you want to begin creating thought leadership content, but don’t know where to begin? We get it! That’s why we’re here to help. When you work with us at Breezy you get an entire content marketing team right out of the gate to make creating thought leadership content easy and effective! Get started right here!

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