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5 Content Marketing Best Practices to Improve Your Brand’s Visibility


If you have a business, then there’s no question that you want to make sure you have the best brand visibility possible because…

You can’t get customers if no one knows about your brand. 

One of the best ways to improve brand visibility, whether it is for an individual or an organization, is through content marketing. Through fresh, valuable, and consistent content on your various media channels — social media, blogs, your website, etc — you can reach existing clients to keep them engaged and bring in new leads who haven’t heard of you before. 

To state the obvious: Brand visibility is essential to grow your audience and your business. However, it is equally important to build your brand’s credibility. 

While they aren’t the same thing, they do go hand in hand. When a brand or business doesn’t post consistent, valuable content across various channels, it lacks credibility and users struggle to see it as a legitimate business. 

Even if you get visibility from ads or other paid methods, there’s nothing else like organic content marketing to prove you are a brand to be trusted, have authority in your space, and can be a go-to resource for users. 

Bottom line: content marketing is crucial for brand visibility. 

Got It. But, How Do We Leverage Content Marketing To Build Visibility?

Great question. 🙂

Let’s take a look at 5 content marketing best practices you can start implementing to improve your brand’s visibility.

1. Consistently Post Content That Is Valuable To Your Target Market

You’re never going to be visible without consistent content. In our current market and digital space, posting consistently is a given. If you’re not putting out consistent content, you’re just not going to be seen no matter where you are. 

You can have the greatest website ever, but if people don’t already know you or they don’t have anything driving them to check out that website like blog content or valuable downloadables, then no one is going to see that site. 

The same goes for your social media accounts as well. There might be amazing pre-existing content on there, but if you’re not actively posting, then people simply aren’t going to visit your account. You’re never going to get recognized online. 

Consistently posting content is essential and a baseline to even start to build any sort of brand.

2. Have Somewhere to Direct People

Let’s say you do a good job of paying for ads. You might think, “OK, we’re doing paid ads and that’s creating visibility.”  Sure that’s great, but you need somewhere to direct people to. Without a place for people to visit after seeing those ads, they won’t be nearly as effective. 

If someone sees your ad and wants to learn more about your business, they’re most likely going to look for a website or a social media account. If they see that ad and then they go look at your social and there’s nothing there, that’s actually going to hurt your visibility more than it’ll help it.

So while yes, it is a good thing that they found your business, there are still questions like…

“What are you, who are you, how can you help me?” 

If potential customers go to find this information and it doesn’t exist, then you’ve already lost them as there’s nothing tangible tethering them to your page to keep them there. 

3. Be Clear in Your Story

If you want to increase brand visibility, then you must be clear in your story. Content marketing allows you to tell your story really well and provide value in people’s lives by taking them down the StoryBrand journey. StoryBrand, a method outlined by Donald Miller, is a way to perfectly cater your content to the story of your target audience. It uses storytelling that is told through the point of view of the customer, which allows for a deeper connection between your brand and your audience. 

The StoryBrand framework consists of seven key elements that form the structure of an effective narrative including the main character (your audience), the problem, the guide (your brand), the plan, the call to action, the success story, and the failure story. 

It frames your brand as the guide to your customers. This re-ordering of traditional storytelling roles makes for an overall better plan for reaching and connecting with your target audience. People relate to stories that place themselves in the main character’s shoes. So, by doing this with your content marketing, you can show them how your brand can help them with whatever journey they are on. 

By using this storytelling framework, you will increase your brand’s visibility by connecting directly with the audience that is looking for the solution you can provide. 

4. Reach Different Target Audiences

One benefit of content marketing is it helps you reach lots of types of people as you target and tailor it for different platforms and media channels. While you may have several different demographics and personas you’re trying to hit with your marketing efforts, you’re able to increase visibility across all of those when you have a content marketing strategy that’s tailored to a range of platforms where those varying people spend their time. 

If you have a very specific B2C target audience and that audience spends a large amount of time on Instagram, well, you can target them with specific content on Instagram. The same goes for if you have a B2B audience on LinkedIn, where you can post tailored content as well. Targeting different audiences allows you to grow your visibility based on the audience you want to reach through whatever platform best reaches them. 

The cool thing is in a lot of cases, you can simply repurpose your content to fit the channel it’ll be posted on. For example, a carousel post on Instagram can easily be posted as a PDF slideshow on LinkedIn. Repurposing your content makes it much easier to reach different target audiences on the platforms they each use the most.  

5. Search Engine Optimization

Few things will help you improve your brand’s visibility more than SEO. The SEO factor is a big part of content marketing and increasing visibility. If you want to get found on Google, if you want to get found by any search engines, you have to be putting out consistent, valuable content. You’re never going to rank without it.

Make sure you’re following all the SEO best practices for search engines and social media platforms. This means using keywords, writing blogs, including external links, posting quality content, keeping consistent, etc. 

Where you rank on both search engines and social media searches can make or break how much visibility you get. Don’t let practices that are easy to implement into your marketing plan ruin your chances of getting new customers. 

Prioritize SEO and you’ll have a better chance at improving your brand’s visibility. 

How Breezy Can Help You Improve Your Brand’s Visibility

Now that you know that content marketing is essential in getting more eyes on your business, how do you plan to implement these best practices? If this was all a bit overwhelming to hear or a wake-up call, don’t stress — we can handle all of this for you. 

Here at Breezy, we make your life easier by strategizing, creating, and deploying content every month for our clients. 

The days of stressing about how you’re going to find time to make content because you haven’t posted in forever can be over when you let someone take over for you. If you’re interested in having someone improve your brand’s visibility, click here

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Its easy to say that I can take care of social media and content creation on my own but if you are anything like me it ends up getting put on the backburner. I highly recommend this team and glad that Breezy is in my life.
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