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What Metrics Should We Be Tracking on LinkedIn?

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What metrics should we be tracking on LinkedIn?

We get questions like this often and completely understand why! LinkedIn provides business owners with a great opportunity to boost their brand and connect with potential clients. Over the years, the platform has grown from simple resumé posting and job-hunting into a thriving social network. But with that growth have come many changes that can be difficult to know how to navigate and to know how to measure the success of your content on the platform. Let’s chat about some key social media metrics to track on LinkedIn.


These insights, (which you can find in the Analytics Dashboard of your LinkedIn Company Page), help you assess the number of people actually viewing your content. You can track both unique impressions (how many individual users saw your post) and overall impressions (total number of times your post was seen). You can also compare the reach of organic vs sponsored posts.

These metrics give you valuable insights into when you should post your content, which posts you should sponsor, and how your overall content appeals to LinkedIn’s users. (Note that LinkedIn will show less compelling pages’ content to fewer people.)

Clickthrough Rate

Reading and liking your content is a strong sign of interest, but your ultimate goal is to drive users down your sales funnel. That requires them to click on a post’s call-to-action, whether that’s a link to your blog or a button to learn more information. Your clickthrough rate is the total number of clicks divided by the number of impressions. In a nutshell, it indicates how many people, out of all who saw your post, decided to take the next step. This is a great indicator of your content’s effectiveness.


LinkedIn’s analytics provide an excellent breakdown of your followers, including their location, industry, and job function. At a glance, you can see who’s most interested in your page. Are your followers aligning with your target audience? If not, you may need to adjust your content strategy. You can easily compare the overall post-performance among different audience segments. Pay attention also to your follower’s growth chart, which gives you a good indication of which posts are inspiring users to follow you.

Shares / Overall Engagement

Even if users don’t click through on your posts or follow your page, their engagement with your content still boosts your brand. LinkedIn takes high engagement as a sign that your content should be served to more people. Plus, by identifying your most engaging posts, you can figure out which topics to prioritize in the future. Look at your engagement rate, which measures likes and other reactions to your posts, as well as comments and shares. Take note of who is engaging with your content, and it will easier to target them and get them to click on your updates and follow your page.

Social Media Metrics Matter

Many companies make the mistake of setting up their LinkedIn page, then letting it rest. Some only log on to post a job or change their details. IF used correctly, LinkedIn is a powerful platform for growing brand awareness, recruiting new talent, forging strong partnerships, and driving prospects toward your sales funnel. The key is to consistently post great content, and keep a close eye on your social media metrics to refine your strategy. 

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