Content Marketing Team that plans, writes and designs your social media and articles.



Website Designers and Developers that make sure your site is running at it’s best.

Startup Organizations

As the founder or leader of startup organizations, you know the importance of making every dollar count while also looking into the future for scalable ways to expand your team.

Our process is the perfect way to grow your content marketing efforts and expand your team with significantly less overhead then hiring additional employees.

We work hard to ensure that you never notice that our team are not your direct hires. We’ll hear from you on an ongoing, monthly basis about your goals for the startup and we’ll create a content strategy to help get you there. This consistent, regular communication means we always know what you’re thinking and can change gears quickly and easily if needed.

Breezy will work hand-in-hand with you and your team to make sure your marketing efforts are as seamless as if an internal team designed them. We offer everything you need to be successful at a fraction of the price of hiring new team members.

What You Get When You Work with Breezy

Marketing plans can be complicated. You know what you want to accomplish but getting there requires hours of content creation, designing compelling graphics, and scheduling to make sure you’re reaching the people you want to reach. Then you have to analyze the results to see if it was successful and decide what, if anything, needs tweaking and then do it again one month later.

Breezy can take care of all of this for you while working closely with your team to ensure that your marketing efforts are responsive to your needs.

Breezy is your dedicated content creator.

Our Content Creators are a seamless combination of creativity, organization, administration, and more. They are responsible for all of your content planning, writing, designing, publishing, and keeping an eye on the analytics every month to inform future strategy. You can easily communicate with your Content Creator at any time through a dedicated Slack channel that we create just for you.

Breezy is your content strategist.

Not sure what to write? Design? Or promote? That’s where we come in! We’ll take your business goals, ideas, and dreams and turn them into tangible pieces of content that are all working towards that goal.

Breezy is your writer and designer.

Your brand should speak with one, unified voice. That’s hard to get when you work with different vendors to create your content marketing efforts. We’re all an inclusive team of writers, designers, social media managers, and more. We handle the strategy, brainstorming, copy, design, scheduling, and publishing of content so that from start to finish so your business and brand speak with one consistent voice your customers can trust.

Breezy is your analytics team.

We create a custom analytics dashboard that makes looking over your monthly analytics as easy as pie. Check out your social stats, blog engagement, website traffic, and more in one easy place. The custom dashboard also houses your monthly content calendar so you can see all of your content marketing efforts in one easy and accessible place. We’ll go over this data at our monthly check-ins to see progress and talk about our data-fueled strategy going forward.

We at Breezy pride ourselves on our ability to become an integral part of your team from our first day working together. You spend your time on your business. We will spend our time on your marketing. It’s a partnership that can make dreams come true. Drop us a line today and see how easy it can be to take the business places you’ve only imagined.

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Content Marketing Team that plans, writes and designs your social media and articles.

Website Designers and Developers that make sure your site is running at it’s best.